Unlock Your Wild Feminine Nature

Discover the transformative path to embracing your feminine energy intuition and wild nature to live your most favorite life.

Her wild nature carries everything a woman needs
to know.

Join our Sacred Community of women who are tired of longing for more and are ready to find it. WILD OPEN HEART provides you with resources, daily practices and support to feel connected to the divine as well as your own sacred feminine power. New and Full Moon ceremonies, daily at home rituals, hormone & somatic healing guides, meditations, and journaling prompts all included on a monthly basis to help you learn, take action and change your life.

Elevate Your Bonds: Book a Sacred Circle Experience for Wild Adventures with Friends

Want to experience something deeper with your closest friends? Book a Sacred Circle event with us! Based on your desires we will curate a WILD and Sacred event for you. Past events include, Shamanic Journey Breathwork, Spirit Animal Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, New Moon Intention Ritual, Feminine Bath Ceremony, Abundance Candle Making, Feminine Portal Mediation, Full Moon Wild Woman Release, Sacred Self Marriage Wedding Preparation.

These powerful events are great for birthdays, bachelorette or wedding celebrations or other special occasions. Of course, we find the most special events have also been a simple gathering of women who were ready to open up their hearts and nourish their souls.

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Elevate Your Mornings with a Sacred Start: Embrace Ritual and Intentionality for a Fulfilling Life

YOU are a priority. You deserve to have an opportunity to fill up your cup. Ritualizing this time, and using it to set your day is an incredible way to begin each day with purpose, intention, and Sacred connectedness to cultivate inner peace and joy. Check out our FREE GUIDE to help you bring more magic into your life.

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Remember Who You Are

When was the last time you felt powerful, sacred, sensual or even alive?  Take a break from the emails, the drop off lines, and the grocery lists and listen. There is a sacred and wild soul in all of us. Your heart, she remembers, you just need to listen. Spend time in ceremony and let your body remember.  

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Our Mission

Who We Are

Welcome to LaLoba! We are Jill and Tiffany; two best friends on a journey revealing the layers of our sacred feminine power and exploring what it means to bring the magic back to our lives. We have spent years getting closer to our soul's purpose, helping other women discover and live in their own divine alignment. We truly believe "that her wild nature carries everything a woman needs to know".

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What We Do

Do you feel exhausted and frustrated? Do you find yourself longing for more in life? Maybe you know there is something more but have no idea where to begin. That's where we come in! We've created a sacred container where you will add small but mighty habits that will help you infuse magic into your daily life as well as help you step closer towards your favorite and highest self.

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How to Work with Us

Join WILD OPEN HEART. Our community of women who are striving to find their wild and trust their inner wisdom. Our free guides allow you to begin your practice immediately and our moon based ceremonies will jump start your journey. Book us for a live event for you or for you and your friends. Follow us on Instagram to see our public events. Not sure what is the best fit for you? Shoot us a message and we will help you decide the next best step.

Legend of LaLoba

Legend has it that there is an old wise woman in the mountains of Mexico. She collects the bones of wild animals and sings them back to life with her wild wisdom. So many of us are sleepwalking through life, failing to nourish our souls. It's time to collect your own bones and sing yourself back to life. The time to awaken to your wild is now.